Choose just necessary things

  • Choose just necessary things

    Define things and all unnecessary stuff which you will no longer keep in a new place. Remember that moving is the best time for this. Take your chance to earn extra money selling these belongings for a garage sale, for example.

  • Put all of your documentation in one place

    Divide all your documents, contracts, bills, important educational records and put them into a special file. It is the best way not to forget them or to find them easily from other belongings.

  • Prepare packing supplies

    To organize packing could be tricky. That’s why you need to prepare some things beforehand. Among necessary supplies are: boxes, tapes, markers, wrapping paper, bubble wrap. Don’t forget about special supplies to pack your electronic devices and household appliances.

  • Prepare a plan of arranging your things in a new place

    Make sure all of your belongings will be appropriate and suit to your new place. If not, choose to sell or donate them.

  • Check details

    Be assured that movers have right addresses to the place of departure and arrival Specify the date and time.

  • Packing

    Complete your packing processes or use our packing services. Remember to put aside all necessary stuff, which will be packed right before your moving.

  • Prepare labeled boxes

    Think about the most essential stuff which you’ll need in a new place firstly. Put it into a labeled box. Also with the help of markers label everything dividing, for example, by rooms they belong to.

  • Remember to change your address

    All of your subscriptions and bills will arrive in a new place if you take care of it in advance. It is recommended to make sure every organization received your new address.